Posted on December 20, 2018


25 Jul 2) Which is best one to implement SCD type2 and why that method is SCD Type2 Through Informatica with date KB. A Mapping example that demonstrates how to implement the Slowly Changing Dimension (Type-2) when source data has multiple occurrence of the same. 20 Sep SCD type-2, SCD-2, Incremental load. As we are trying to implement SCD2, it is necessary for Source to have Primary key and.

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As like the screen shots below, Step 3: Effective end date of the Record. Automotive Communications Consumer Markets. The structure of the staging table as below:. So the data will look like implemmentation shown below after it has been passed through mapping. Create a workflow for the same mapping and Run the mapping.!!!

Please leave us a comment in case you have any questions of difficulties implementing this. You Can apply this during our initial load of dimension table.

Below is the structure of our staging table. Create Router transformation Drag and Informatiica all the output ports from the expression to Router.

Signing in to Informatica Network

Email Address required, will not be published. Unlimited history can be preserved.

Type 6 can be used when you want to maintain complete history and would also like to have an easy way to manage current version. When we want to maintain historical attributes, and also supporting the ability to report historical performance data according to current attribute values To understand the historical facts based on the current attribute values, we will filter or summarize on the current attributes Implementation of Hybrid SCD Step by Step process: This is a direct insert coming from the before data or source data.


Both staging tables and the warehouse tables are in two different schemas with in a single database instance. A Slowly Changing Dimension SCD is a dimension that stores and manages both current and historical data over time in a data warehouse. Now, we know the staging table and dimension table we are going to use, we can start implementing the design in the mapping designer. Now map the columns from the Source Qualifier to an Expression Transformation.

Mapping: SCD Type-2 When Rows are Repeated

That way the data can be filtered and rolled-up across all versions for reporting purposes. This is a direct insert coming from the before data or source data Step 7a: This code can be modified to fit any data on which we want to implement SCD This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In the below screen shotthe highlighted yellow color column denotes the type 3 implementation Hope you would have gained information on SCD Type 6 and how to implement in Informatica. An example of the data is given below: Email Address required, will not be published.

A record will be set for UPDATE, if the record is already existing in the Dimension table and any of the incoming column from staging table has a new value. In this Type 2 SCD, the old values will not be replaced, but a new row containing the new values will be added to the customer table.


Learn how your comment data is processed. So at any point of time, the difference between the old values and new values can be retrieved and easily be compared. Same code can be used to initial load as well as normal load.

Suppose a company is maintaining a table with the employee location details. The structure of the staging table as below: Specifications Informatica PowerCenter 9.

Design/Implement/Create SCD Type 2 Effective Date Mapping in Informatica

Seller Sandeep Roy is working with Accenture as technical lead. Before we go to informatjca mapping design, Lets understand the high level architecture of our Data Warehouse.

Like we mentioned previously, this is a performance improvement technique used to update huge tables. To update expire the implemmentation record we just need the columns below list. A new record is created with the changed data values and this new record becomes the current record. Hope you guys enjoyed this.

Record updating timestamp, this will be used for records updated. When to use SCD6?