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An invitation to the hot and steamy world of bestselling Irish erotica author Evie Hunter He picked up her hand where it grasped the water glass, felt her pulse. The Pleasures of Winter is a steamy erotic story of romantic obsession and explosive sexual chemistry for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You. Buy L’iniziazione by Evie Hunter, B. Francese from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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The Pleasures of Winter (Pleasures, #1) by Evie Hunter

I am hoping that there is a book 2 that continues this story, because I would like the answers. With his sexy looks and charms that no woman can resist.

Apr 10, Sarah rated it liked it. I get that she had a bad childhood with a deadbeat, small-time criminal dad. There is instant chemistry between Jack and Abbie but Jack is weary around reporters.

I liked all the story, each time I was quite sad linizlazione part with some characters. And when the going got tough with Jack, she stood up to him.

The Pleasures of Spring

The sexual tension between these two characters is fun and feisty. Published by Penguin April 24, The Pleasures of Winter is explosive, action packed, and a very interesting original story, 4 Stars! There are misunderstandings and trials to overcome.

She’s not without flaw gunter makes her a ,iniziazione interesting character. I fell in love with the main characters too much to not be excited for book two. I have read my fair share of erotica in probably a lot more than my fair share to be honest lolbut I can honestly say, the scenes between these two were probably some of my all time favorites.

Then there is the fact that Abbie doesn’t want to think of herself as submissive, so Jack has to tame liniiazione. Feel special Evie Hunter. So, as you might have guessed The threat for punishment and hard core kink was always liniziazions, but Jack never delivers, and I was disappointed. Why would an independent woman, refusing to be intimidated by work-related danger be such a walk-over when it comes to her family and private life? There is nothing haunting about Jack but there is something charismatic about lliniziazione.


Like I say, I found this book humous, especially when Jake puts Abby over his knee and spanks her for putting herself in danger and not listening to Jake. It turns out that there is a lot more to Jack than Abbie supposed, and as a movie star, he has an image to protect. Abbie Marshall leads a pretty vanilla life outside of her dangerous reporting career.

OK now I can move on: In Pleasures of Spring, we meet Roz Spring; a smart woman who can survive by her wits alone, if necessary. A big case of insta-love going on as well. They have a long history so if you’ve read the previous books, it will linniziazione feel more credible as there’s little time for character development.

The story was like Fifty, but also had it’s differences. It was very tastefully done and it was very entertaining. Jack was accompanied by his best friend Kevin and his agent Zeke Bryan. The Pleasures of Spring is a 4 star read for me.

He enjoys being the dominant in BDSM sex with submissive partners. He lies by omission — something he promises will result in a severe punishment if she does that to him. There were so many things going on that weren’t resolved Because that is a beautiful, simple cover that actually fits the book.

As much as I enjoyed the hhnter and turns of this book and the dynamic between the characters, some parts were a bit drawn out, others were plain unbelievable, and the coincidences and lucky breaks tested my patience.


However, the “love” that was portrayed btw the hero and heroine was not something I can comprehend. She makes you work for the imagery, and I really liked that. Abbie is like able, and the whole book i really wanted to know what was going on with the “bad guys” could have used a little more into that story.

Because of the controversial matter of her current article and the fact that she has to get out fast she jumps at the flight even if it means doing a fluff piece like celebrity gossip. He was, however, a pretty sexy dom and he managed to top Abbie well with some pretty sizzling results!

If you’re an Evie fan, you won’t be disappointed. Jack is forced to take control and use the skills he learned while filming another movie. Unfortunately for them, the pil This is the story of Jack and Abbie.

Refresh and try again. The sexual tension was thick and exciting.

In short, this is a love story about two unlikely characters being thrown together against the odds and discovering that they are made for each other, and as such it works very well. Abbie is a news journali Cross posted from rabidgummibear.

I’m perplexed by how I feel about this story. The story of Abby a journalist who has to interview Jack who’s a movie star. She also picks up entire wardrobes of expensive clothes at the drop of a hat, which is quite the accomplishment for someone who always travels light. Too many times in erotic fiction authors sacrifice plot, storyline, and character development for pages filled with screwing.

Apr 23, Christa rated it liked it Shelves: