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The Romance of a Busy Broker has 70 ratings and 7 reviews. Ahmed said: Modern man is a machine. He is so busy that he doesn’t pay any attention to its. O. Henry: The Four Million. THE ROMANCE OF A BUSY BROKER. Pitcher, confidential clerk in the office of Harvey Maxwell, broker, allowed a look of mild. 20 Dec His work continued to be published more and more after that. The O. Henry story featured in this lesson, ‘The Romance of a Busy Broker’ has a.

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Maxwell stood by his desk with his hands full of telegrams and memoranda, with a fountain pen over his right ear and his hair hanging in disorderly strings over his forehead. When the luncheon hour drew near there came a slight lull in the uproar. On the floor they were pounding half a dozen stocks in which Maxwell’s customers were heavy investors.

THE ROMANCE OF A BUSY BROKER by O. Henry – The Literature Page

The young lady had been Maxwell’s stenographer for a year. In less than eight years, he became a bestselling author of collections of short stories. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. He was never wrong. Pitcher seized a moment to remark to the bookkeeper that the “old man” seemed to get more absent-minded and forgetful every day of the world. o.henrj


Miss Leslie is a perfect secretary. On the morning of the story, Miss Leslie walked into romancw office with Harvey Maxwell, blushing and looking happy.

The Romance of a Busy Broker

Messenger boys ran in and out with messages and telegrams. And through the window came a soft sweet smell of flowers. There was a self—possessed young lady connected with these accessories; and Pitcher was there to construe her. Maxwell say anything yesterday about engaging another stenographer?

The title of the story is suggestive, because we rommance predict that the story will be about the love and feelings of the very busy broker.

The clerk quietly declared that Maxwell was getting more and more absent-minded and forgetful as days passed. Gordy rated it really liked it Oct 09, How do you organize your time? For this smell of flowers belonged to Miss Leslie.

‘The Romance of a Busy Broker’ by O. Henry

It has put every-thing else out of your head. He was always ready to decide and to act.

His keen grey eye, impersonal and brusque, flashed upon her half impatiently. Men began to throng into the office and call at him over the railing, jovially, sharply, viciously, excitedly.

English Country of Origin: The world of finance dwindled suddenly to a speck. The embedded audio player requires a modern internet browser. She had not the air of being about to accept an invitation to luncheon. Harvey Maxwell, Miss Leslie, and Mr.


The poet sings of the “crowded hour of glorious life. I want to say something in that moment. Sreekar rated it liked it Dec 08, Their voices and his language were products of his era. The world of business grew smaller and smaller. Maxwell say anything yesterday about engaging another stenographer?

To find out more, including how to control o.heney, see here: Stocks and bonds, loans and mortgages, margins and securities—here was a world of finance, and there was no room in it for the human world or the world of nature. In Houston, he worked for a few years until — ordered to stand trial for embezzlement — he fled to New Orleans and thence, to Honduras.

Lists with This Book. On the floor they were pounding half a dozen stocks in which Maxwell’s customers were heavy investors.