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Sachal Sarmast () (Sindhi: سچلُ سرمستُ) (Urdu: سچل سرمست) was a renowned Sindhi Sufi poet during the Kalhora era. Abdul Wahab was his real. 18 Feb Sachal Sarmast ( – ) was a renowned Sufi poet from Sindh province, Pakistan. The saint is also famously known as Shair-e-Haft. Sachal Sarmast (great Sufi poet of Sindh) Sachal Sarmast (Sindhi: سچلُ سرمستُ,) _ A.d at era of Talpur in Sindh. He was born in Daraza, near Ranipur.

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Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The Inspirational Educationist of Sindh, Pakistan. Rather, Sachal advocated self-realization as the path to liberation.

Retrieved 16 November The Sindh Times delivers the latest news and information on the latest top stories, politics, entertainment, business, sports, history,culture, literature, travel and more. Books on Sachal Study of Mysticism in Darazi: As The Sindh Times continues its work towards adding new features to the site, we look forward to petry feedback.

Sachal Sarmast was an ardent follower of Wahdat-ul-Wujood unity of existence. Like other sufis of Sindh, Sachal made no distinctions based on religion, but regarded love as the path to spirituality: His urs is celebrated every year on sarmastt death anniversary on 13th Ramadan to 15th Ramadan at his shirane inDaraza sharif near Gambat Sindh.


Poetry of Sachal Sarmast The brave speak the truth Let others like it or not; For the talk of false friendship we care not. There is no other Beloved, There is only what I see everyday!

Hazrat Sachal Sarmast , the poet of love – The Sindh Times

Rend the veil over thee, Searcher expose thy being. About Us Contact Us. Disclaimer Privacy Advertisement Contact. Beautiful poetry farzana sahiba….

Friday, November 9, The Notable Region of Sindh, Pakistan. The Notable Political Figure of Sindh. The Eminent Town of Sindh. Sufi poetrySufi philosophyand Sufi music. Sachal’s father Mian Salahuddin died when he was a child. The Blackest Day for Kashmiris.

Sachal Sarmast

The King of Ghazals Dec 21, The arrangements are made and organized by the Sachal Sarmast Yadgar Committee. Around arrested in countrywide crackdown on rioters Nov 6, Sindhudesh Kalabagh Dam Human rights abuses in Sindh. szrmast

This site uses cookies. Isra University — Admissions Follow not the road of another, however virtuous he may be. Sachal’s poetical works are sung by local singers in Sarmasg and Saraiki ; his shrine is in the village Darazanear RanipurKhairpur DistrictSindhPakistan.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. Kherpur nhi Ranipur ke ik gaon daraza mein peda huwe …. The Honor and Pride of Sindh. The Eminent Poet of Sindh, Pakistan. Sachu means truth in Sindhi and Sachalu means truthful. Sachal Sarmast — Sindhi: Log into your account.

Many writers wrote on the lifestyle of Sachal Sarmast in different languages. He wrote poetry in several languages most prominent is Sindhi and Saraiki. The Noted Poet of Sindh. For comprehensive coverage, The Sindh Times provides special reports, video, audio, photo galleries, and interactive content. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.