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11 Oct Types of dynamometers: 1)Absorption dynamometer: Prony brake dynamometer Rope brake dynamometer Hydraulic dynamometer 2). 20 Nov An improved power absorption device of the general Prony brake design is capable of either applying to a rotating shaft either a fixed force or a. 8 Mar Pony Brake is one of the simplest dynamometer for measuring power output ( brake power). It is to attempt to stop the engine by means of a.

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Prony brake dynamometer – WARSAW; ARTHUR J.

In addition, a hydraulic connector couples the two stator shafts. Included in first and second brake chambers 78, 86 are stator shafts 98,respectively, which are aligned with drive shaft Positioned between spacers 22, 24 is a sprocket wheel 20 having a plurality of teeth around its periphery which are engaged by a flexible link chain Once widely used as a dynamometer absorption unit, the Prony brake design has become less popular because of the general belief that its maintenance is too high, its life expectancy too short, and its load stability too variable.

In a dynamometer for measuring the power output of a prime mover driving a rotating dhnamometer cylindrical drum by means of a rotating shaft coupled thereto and aligned therewith in a housing containing a liquid for dissipating heat produced by the frictional engagement of said drum by a plurality of brake means securely mounted within said drum so as to engage an inner lateral surface of said drum aligned along the pronny of said rotating shaft, the improvement comprising: An alternate mechanism is to clamp a lever to the shaft and measure using a single balance.

Flange 74 is, in turn, rigidly coupled by means of bolts 72 to a first lateral wall 76 of a first brake chamber Each partition includes an aperture therein permitting the fluid contained between partitions to flow toward the ends of the brake chamber and outward from the trough defined by partitions A Prony brake as described may be used simply as a power absorption device or, in combination with torque measuring means, as a dynamometer for testing the under-load performance characteristics of the prime mover.

United States Patent Finally, chain sprocket 20 may be employed to drive a tachometer not shown to provide the operator with the speed of revolution of the prime mover.

A dynamometer as in claim 1 wherein said hydraulic control system includes a fluid transport conduit system in said stator shaft for providing said remotely generated control inputs to said brake means.


A friction band is wrapped around half the drum’s circumference and each end attached to a separate spring balance. The present invention is directed to a Prony brake-type arrangement for either absorbing the power of a rotating shaft or for measuring the output power of a prime mover by means of a rotating shaft coupled thereto.

Prony brake | mechanics |

This technology-related article is a stub. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, four symmetrically positioned pistons are located in each brake chamber. There are so many different types. In a preferred embodiment, a silicon lubricant is utilized within the brake drum and is continually circulated over the friction engaging surfaces for improved brake operation. A substantial pre-load is then applied to the ends of the band, so that each spring balance has an initial and identical reading.

The lubricant thus exiting via apertures flows downward and in contact with brake lining and the inner portion of the lateral wall of the drum. Within tank 40 the drive shaft 14 is enclosed in a race 41 with double seals 38 positioned in sealing relation between race 41 and that portion of ball bearing housing 30 which extends into tank On the other end portion of race 41 is positioned on the periphery thereof and in close contact therewith a coupling flange In addition, a cartridge face-type seal is positioned between stator shaft and sleeve to prevent the escape of lubricant from second brake chamber The frictional brake linings may comprise any suitable friction material such as conventional resin bonded asbestos friction material or any of the more common fibrous graphite friction materials increasingly being utilized in such applications.

In practice more engine power can then be applied until the limit of the engine is reached. A dynamometer as in claim 1 wherein said lubricant is a silicon-based material with the loss of said lubricant due to vaporization prevented by said closed drum.

Prony Brake Dynamometer (with Weights)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Brale. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. The working principle of eddy dynampmeter dynamometer is shown in the figure below. Frictional heat buildup is transferred via the thin, finned metallic lateral surface of the drum to proyn surrounding water reservoir, which may be either closed or circulating in nature.

Related Posts on Automotive topic s. View All Media 1 Image. A dynamometer application requires thousands of hours of accumulated operation before the occurrence of a major failure. Thus, the hydraulic dynamometter medium will be confined within the cylinders should a leak in a control line occur.


The porous nature of the brake lining thus performs a lubricant filtering action while dynxmometer for improved brake surface lubrication and frictional heat dissipation. However, the invention itself, as well as further objects and advantages thereof will best be understood by reference to the following detailed description of a preferred embodiment taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, where like reference characters identify like elements throughout the various figures, in which:.

Changes in construction will occur to those skilled in the art and various apparently different modifications and embodiments may be made without departing from the scope of the invention. The present invention does not suffer from these limitations in that it offers a Prony brake type of load absorption unit, or dynamometer with conventional measuring instrumentation coupled thereto, dynamoeter has a circulating, closed lubrication system which not only substantially extends the usable lifetime of the components therein, but also allows the unit to achieve larger loading capacities without the need for increasing the unit’s heat dissipation capacity.

Thus, the combination of inner race 32, self-aligning bearing 36, outer eynamometer 34 and ball bearing housing 30 permits drive shaft 14 to be rotated while tank 42 remains essentially stationary. The brake power is given by the formula. Thus, drive shaft 14 rotates in response to the rotation of universal yoke 12 by virtue of the shaft coupling provided by linked outer and inner flanges 15, 16 and their respective shaft keying elements.

A dynamometer for measuring the power output of a prime mover driving a rotating shaft comprising: An improved power absorption device of the general Prony brake design is capable of either applying to a rotating shaft brakw a fixed force or a force proportional to its rotational speed or brale measuring mechanical power transferred to a rotating shaft by a prime mover.

In its simplest form an engine is connected to a rotating drum by means of an output shaft.

The closed lubricant circulation system protects the friction material from wear and lubricant glazing and permits the brake to operate at high temperatures without lubricant loss due to “cook off”.