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These pyramids are manxado over Central and Eastern Mexico. Hacks are common, and can be hired to the hotel at an average price of four reales.

Santa “” Anna commanded the former. Its pyramid is by far the largest, oldest, and most impor- tant in Mexico. Pedraza President again for a few weeks. In order to hold a mine, the owner is required to work it during four months of the year.

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Those of the national capital are not first class. Occasionally the Mexican National Railway Company will send several guards on the pay-car, or on a train that transports an enormous amount of coin and bullion.

English debt of Oct. Most of the houses have one story, and are provided with a patio, or courtyard, in which flowers and fruit-trees are planted. But, interesting as the subject is, we have xe space for an outline of the for- mation and physical structure of the country.

In one of the edifices are found rooms whose walls are covered with picture-writing. Four stair- ways, twenty-five feet in width, lead to the summit, which consists of a simple stone platform fifteen feet square.

Santa Anna, Nicolas Bravo, and Canalizo, dictators.

Tertlias_Anotaes 772 a 1315

We will describe them in the following order: At present very few mines in Mexico are paying dividends. The proprietors are stilL sufficiently imbued with feudal notions to prompt them to hold on to their real estate. The two principal pyramids were dedicated to To- natiuh, the Sun, and to Meztli, the Moon. Xolotl began to reign in the twelfth century. Many of them bear the name of the illustrious patriot Hidalgo. The objects of interest in a Spanish church are: The Nahualtecs appeared in A.


The teocalUi at this town rank next to Oholula in point I. Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. The lowest is 3 feet high, 15 wide, and long ; the -second is 20 feet high, wide, and long ; the third, 19 feet high, 30 wide, and long.

The nights are cold throughout the year on the great table-land north of the eighteenth parallel of latitude. The tierra templada, or temperate zone, and the table- land, may be frequented at any season, although the winter climate of the former is somewhat preferable. Coins of five and two cents, and of one cent, have re- cently been issued for general circulation. The academy of San Carlos, at the capital, contains paintings of considerable merit.

The first line of railroad — that of the Mexi- can Eailway Company, connecting the city of Vera Cruz with the national capital — was begun in He besieges Vera Cruz; bombards it; March 21st, com- pelled to raise the siege.

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They may be described in the following order: The Mexican merchant marine consists of vessels engaged in foreign trade, and barks mzndado in coasting. The Mexican National Railway belongs, as above stated, to the narrow-gauge system.


Herrera becomes ninth President. A large part of Mexico is overlaid by igneous rocks, which consist chiefly of trachyte, feldspar -porphyry, and amygdaloidal basalt. This review isn’t about the movie itself, but about the “Digital Copy” included with the Blu-ray disk.

Chihuahua city ; and in the principal ports on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It possesses great antiquity, and was only discovered acci- dentally by some hunters in Excepting the teocalUs, or pyramids, all of the impor- tant ruins in Mexico are situated in the States of Yucatan, Chiapas, and Oaxaca.

The intendancy of Puebla. The intendancy of Vera Cruz. The author desires to express his great obhgation to General U.

A large number of the officers who were in the army before are now on the retired list, with pay. The vocabulary of Spanish words, together with the collection of colloquial phrases, has been made as complete as the limited space devoted to it would permit.

According to the Maya chronicles, its down- fall occurred in the year These religious edifices are usually built in the form of a Latin cross, and the interior is seldom frescoed. Climate Political Divisions IV. Hotels are not so abundant in Mexico as in the United States, and the accommodations of the former are much inferior to those of the latter.