Posted on June 25, 2019


KEMA 08 ATEX IECEx KEM Features. □ Wide temperature range . □ PLEXO connection system, cold-applied connection and shrinkable tubing. EU-Type Examination Certificate Number: KEMA 98ATEX X are recorded in confidential test report number NL/KEM/ExTR/ KEMA 05ATEX X. PTB 02 ATEX X. Electrical KEMA 08ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX.

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The copper braiding and the metal cable glands with an extra lead are prepared to be connected to the protective earth. It is also used to actuate the external contactor for switching the heating circuits.

They conduct feasibility studies and work out a rough strategy. The ates circuits are activated through an integrated triac then. Assembly on sites is simple and made even easier by the imprinted metre markings. We also supply different versions to suit various temperature requirements. The benefit to the customer is obvious.

An optional gateway ensures communication to the higher-ranking control system and to the touch panel.


EKL premium Heating cable, We also offer in-house training for your technical staff. If the heating tape is directly connected, to the enclosure terminals, the heating tape is first prepared and then insulation tubes are shrunk over the conductors as well as the twisted protective braiding. Short form title Code No. At high temperatures, the wtex capacity is reduced to a minimum heating output, which ensures that the limit temperature of the respective temperature class cannot be exceeded.


Stainless steel System The information related to Ex certification from recognised test institutions is given as information only. The use of these heater plates guarantees a maximum degree of operational safety, as temperature fluctuations can be efficiently avoided and, yet, the required minimum temperatures can be maintained. Silicone hose line 3 x 1.

Attention is drawn to the applicable standards and regulations on safety components and systems together with the relevant operating and installation instructions. Higher switching currents or 3-phase applications are switched by means of a contactor.

The programming interface allows the device parameters to be read out with a code key and transferred to other controllers. The EKL system can be perfectly adjusted to the customer specific requirements.

Technical data | Heating Technology

Having two 7-segment displays, the operator can read both set- and measured temperature at first sight. The protective outer jacket of either fluoropolymer or polyolefin protects 010 copper braiding from corrosion and chemical impact. The electrical connection is set up through terminal screws on the rear. The copper braiding is prepared to be connected to the protective earth.

The end of the self-limiting heating tape is insulated with silicone glue and a silicone end cap. The alarm relay is produced as a change-over contact and the limit relay as a normally open contact.

kema 08 atex pdf – P(1) –

The direct contact and large area format result in a very favourable heat flow in the desired direction. Cable Gland brass The enclosures are available with the necessary 1010 glands resp.


The heater plates reliably protect electrical installations against function failures due to creepage currents and also offer protection against other failures caused by corrosion formation at mechanical system components. A green yellow protection tube is pulled over the tinned copper braiding inside the insulation sheath. Due to the default basic setting only atec setpoint and the alarm level s need to be set.

The easy start-up function makes this extremely user-friendly. Nylon cable ties Nylon cable ties for fixing 01110 cables to wire mats max.

One cable gland with size M25 for the power cable is already assembled at the junction box. The heating cable and power supply connection cable are connected via safe spring creating the requisite pressure, eliminating any need for unravelling or twisting. A bimetallic switch integrated ekma the terminal block limits the surface temperature of the heater approx. The internal, galvanically isolated bus connection is established by simply joining the modules.

The outer cover is made of thermoplastic elastomer TPC default for areas with special requirements to chemical resistance and mechanical strength. The kdma tape is cut directly on the construction site according the local circumstances. EKL premium 1R 1.