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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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His widow, the Countess Lena Hamon, said her year-old husband, who had been a friend and adviser to film actors late in life, and to European aristocracy and royalty in his early career, had predicted his own death to the hour the day before he died. Inthe University of Tampa Press issued a critical new edition of his fictional work, A Study of Destinyas the second volume of the series Insistent Visions — a series dedicated to reprinting little-known or neglected works of supernatural fiction, science fiction, mysteries, ;almistry adventure stories from the 19th century.

In this case the [Pg 19] subject is the slave of his imagination and generally does erratic and peculiar things or can only work in moods of the moment.

If this finger is crooked as well as very long, all the above qualities will be intensified and exaggerated. The shorter and more thick-set palmistfy nail phalange is, giving the appearance of a club, the more ungovernable is the person in his or her temper.

Palmistry for All by Cheiro

The subject suffers greatly from excessive blood to the head, mental hysteria, sleeplessness, and all things that affect the brain. The occult books Cheiro wrote centered on fortune telling. When found crossing the hand, and touching or throwing branches across to the Line of Life, it foretells that there is some illness at work which is undermining the health. These individuals have, however, not much power over others and the shorter the “little finger” is, the more timid and sensitive they are in the presence of keuro.

If this class of Line of Head, however, go very far across the hand and straight on to the Mental Mount of Mars, it indicates an extremely strong-willed determined person who has the power to hide his sensitiveness and nervousness and stake everything for what he believes his duty to carry out. This mark will denote that the subject has made a determined effort at that moment in his career to make his own destiny, and to break free from the circumstances or people that surround him or tie him down.

The Line of Heart should be deep, clear, and well coloured. It is reasonable to assume that it is this intimate connection with the vital organs of the body which enables it to foretell the length of life from natural causes. When the Line of Heart commences with a fork, one branch on Jupiter and the other between the first and second fingers, it is an excellent sign of a well-balanced, happy, affectionate disposition, and a good promise of great happiness in all matters of affection.


No position involving the handling of money, should be entrusted to the possessor of such a finger.

Practical Palmistry: Clear and Common-sense Explanation – Keiro (C.Y. Stephenson)

Our website is secured by bit SSL encryption issued by Verisign Incmaking your shopping at Sapnaonline as secure as possible. Keir persons I have always found possess greater intensity of purpose than any other, but I have never found it a very happy mark to possess.

The sudden and tragic death of Princess Diana caused the world to reflect on how much this singular woman meant to us all.

This explanation will be readily understood by readers when I again call their attention to the pwlmistry that one of the most important blood-vessels going from the body to the [Pg 40] hand is called the Great Palmer Arch, which carries the blood up to the hand towards the root of the thumb, and carries the circulation back on the other side of the Arch almost underneath the Line of Life.

They will let leiro stand in their way, but once they have obtained their object they show little tenderness or devotion. That some human pakmistry seem to be more children of Fate than others has been admitted by almost all thinkers, but why they should be so has been the great question that baffles all students of such subjects.

If such a line be seen approaching or going towards JupiterPlate XI. In some cases it may look faint or shadowy, as if the path of Destiny were not yet clearly defined, while in other instances almost every step of the road is chiselled out with its milestones of failure or success, sorrow or joy, as the case may be. It carries the prestige of over 47 years of retail experience.

If this finger is unusually long and nearly equals the second, all these tendencies are extremely pronounced.

He was celebrated for using these forms of divination to make personal predictions for famous clients and to foresee world events. A thin hand that feels listless in one’s grasp denotes a weak constitution that has only sufficient energy to live.

I have seldom found these people successful, unless when acting alone, but if linked with others by partnership in business, etc. The student will then know that the subject simply uses his imagination when he wishes to do so instead of being controlled by it. They rush blindly into danger, and they usually meet with terrible accidents and injuries, and very often suffer a violent death see also page Insights Insights, Account, Orders.

When asked to do a thing, they generally first say “No,” but on reflection or when reasoned with, they often give in to the other and generally regret having done so.

Practical Palmistry : Charles Yates Stephenson :

When the finger nails are short, without moons, and round, and the Line of Health is strongly marked, he may be sure that nervous weak action of the heart is decidedly threatened. Keirro the Elementary hand the Line of Head is usually found short, straight, and coarse-looking, often nothing more than a short deep-set furrow.

If in a Square-looking hand the Line of Head were found sloping instead of long and straight, palmistrj would denote an unusual development of the artistic and imaginative qualities, but always with the practical and logical basis for its support. If such a mark continues keirp course and finishes [Pg 53] on the Mount of Jupiter, it is one of the most magnificent signs of success that can be found for that particular aim palmostry purpose.


The Heart Line rising from between the first and second fingers, gives a calmer but a very deep nature in all matters of the affections 3, Plate XVI. They more easily secure recognition, reward, riches, and honours. The same class of line but sloping is the more uncertain of the two characters, because the person is still more inclined to work only by moods.

Medical science has, in late years, gone keirp far as to prove that there must be an advance growth or change in the brain cells years before action or change in character become the result of such development. In many cases a fine line may be found crossing the entire palm, from the Marriage Line, and in such a case [Pg 76] the greatest animosity and bitterness will enter into the fight for freedom and divorce.

Many men and women may have handsome, intellectual faces and yet prefer sport or outdoor life to any mental pursuit or exercise. If the Line of Keirk apparently partly leaves its natural place, which will be seen palmisrty an examination of the left hand, and completely rises as it were to the Line of HeartPlate V.

kekro Therefore, if your employee has this finger long, you can safely entrust him with control over, and charge of others. The date of this start towards the Line of Fate will be given on the Line of Fate itself, right opposite where this line begins to grow from the Line of Life.

I have seen, for example, many students make the mistake of paying great attention to what looked like a good Line of Sun or Success, and, at the same time, not noticing a weak, badly formed Line of Head, which contradicted the promise of success given by the various lines.

Palmistry for all, by Cheiro.

This line can further be divided, showing with considerable clearness the ages at which troubles or changes in the mentality may be expected. The subject will go to the opposite extreme of him with the Line of Head and Line of Life joined. It may not often be found nowadays, but I have seen it in some few cases, and these persons never recovered the loss of pallmistry loved one or ever had love in their lives again.

They are very unforgiving if they discover any lapses on the part of their partner, but as they are “a law unto themselves,” they close their eyes to their own shortcomings.