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Renshichiro Kawakita and Katsuo Takei was published. He paid attention to the spiritual application of Japanese art and included brush drawing as part of the basic curriculum in his design education.


For this reason, practicing Nanga will become an important study [14]. It contained the contents of Spannung by Kandinsky that had been published earlier in Germany from the Bauhaus-Books. It was one year after Itten received the Japanese art training from a Japanese artist and when ltten was trying to consolidate his design theory that two Japanese students came from the Jiyu-Gakuen-school, studied at the Itten-Schule and brought back the Itten Methods to Japan.

We learned a lot from him. Kuniyoshi Obara, a great educator and philanthropist. They included that the said book contained Yamamuros work that had been created at the Sznej. The sznnek of education at the Itten-Schule were to lead the creative ability in humans, to develop, and to teach methods in art education in accordance with the students special talents and abilities [1].


This book described art education at the Bauhaus in detail, based on the reports of the students, Yamawakis and Mizutani who studied at the Bauhaus.

In the observation trip to the Europe, Ohchi visited Zrich and observed the Kunstgewerbeshule that applied the Itten Methods in the program and met Itten in person. They said that Ittens teaching was unique in a sense that it reflected east-west philosophies and spirituality. It was not clear who introduced Ittens teaching methods described in this book. Brush Drawing according to the Chinese-Japanese Methods was added to the Itten-Schule practice because after receiving the Nanga lessons directly from Mizukoshi, Itten was convinced that Nanga was an important element that needed to be included in the basic education.

Inmvszehe year after Mizukoshis lessons took place; two Japanese students from johannnes Jiyu-Gakuen-school studied at the Itten-Schule and learned the Brush Drawing lessons from Itten. Later, when Itten asked Yamamuro to recommend a good English book on Sumi-ink painting, she sent him Kaishien-gaden Jieziyuan Huazhuan with the help of Kenji Yoshioka, an artist in Japanese painting [26]. Eva Plaut was another person who was impressed by Yumejis lessons at the Itten-Schule.

They were most interested in the Bauhaus and the schools in Berlin. She said that she had taught six to eight young men in her class. One is that Itten found out the common points between his idea of art education and the way of Japanese painting brush painting sznrk, and the other is that Yamamuro and Sasagawa brought Ittens education to Japan and laid the foundation for the acceptance of Ittens education in later years.


Johannes Itten – A Sznek Mvszete

Hans Kayser was a music theorist, who developed the studies on Pythagoras System and Keplers Harmonica mundi. Yumejis influence is clearly demonstrated. One of her students was Hiroshi Ohchi Before returning to Japan, Sasagawa bought a book recommended by Itten.

It is well known that Itten was interested in Asian philosophy since he was a young man and talked about Lao-tze who had pointed out the essence of a wheel, a house, a pot, etc.

Itten Johannes a Szinek Muveszete

Elements of basic education included: The spirituarity of Japanese Zen contributes greatly to this type of educational purpose [27]. The Elements of Color 7 types of colour El Arte Johannes Itten Documents.

Interview conducted by Yoshimasa Kaneko on February 14, with Yamamuro and Sasagawa at the Sasagawas house and on April 2, with Sasagawa at her house.

Their statements showed clearly how Itten emphasized the importance of Nanga. Shounan Mizukoshi visited Berlin, accompanying Suiun Komuro who was dispatched from Japan for the exhibition. We can find from the lecture texts of Yumeji that he tried to convey the spirituality of Japanese culture through Japanese traditional Art. Itten wrote a letter to Sasagawa and Yamamuro on February 5, Heart and hand must be Ittrn.