Posted on January 14, 2019


Today I held a mock dojo (one and a half hour) in order to introduce mocking and JMock to my audience. This post is intended to be the first. Too hard to test things that involve external components? • Too slow, even if you could? • Unit Tests as much fun as smacking yourself in the head with a. Here is a tutorial about using JUnit and EasyMock (a mocking library I personally find far easier to use than JMock).

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Anson November 4, at You can write your tests wiithout a mocking framework. Sign up using Facebook. I’m a quick learner, not saying that I’m smarter than other people just I’m eager to learn and have plenty time on my hands. So, how can we test the “doBusinessOperationXyz” method without making any changes to the existing application code? Well, in the most cases a class has dependencies.

jMock for beginners

The JMockit artifacts are located in the central Maven repository. Mocking shines when your classes express dependencies on each other by depending on an interface and not a concrete class. There’s an jmcok Calculator aimed to perform math.

For a more accurate introduction of mock objects which is outside the scope of this postplease be referred to this article: For information on using JMockit Coverage with Mavensee the relevant section in that chapter. Email required Address never made public. We are using mock object.

You cannot mix exact values and matchers inside an expectation.


The official documentation is vague to say the least and just too hard for me. The jMock library is explored in more depth in other Cookbook recipes 2. Rob Heiser 2, 1 13 Is it the right mmock even though CodePro says that CalculatingMachine itself has 19 lines of code, though test for it is 23 lines of code? Suppose if one class depends on other class we can create a mock of dependent class and set the initial properties to test the dependent class.

Home Questions Ttorial Users Unanswered. Anson November 5, at 7: Steve Freeman 2, 14 I’m playing around with JMock and trying to understand whether I understand the idea correctly. After the test has finished, jMock will verify that the mock Subscriber was called as expected. If the expected calls were not made, the test will fail.

A cardinality number and a mock object as its mjock We create a mock Subscriber that should receive the message.

In order to break the dependencies, we have several possibilities; dummies, fakes, stubs and finally mocks. There’s a class CalculatingMachine aimed to connect Umock and Printer: It takes care of the assertion housekeeping at the right time.

We will test that a Publisher sends a message to a single registered Subscriber. First we must import the jMock classes, define our test fixture class and create a “Mockery” that represents the context in which the Publisher exists.

That, however, is not the only role mock objects usually play. The MockObjectTestCase does this automatically. Note that this expectation: We can shave a few lines off here and there, but it’s more important to understand the design issues. The method called on the mock object with its parameters. The first two steps require access to the application database, which is done through a simplified API to the persistence subsystem which itself uses JPA.


To test interactions between the Publisher and the Ttorial we will use a mock Subscriber object. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Mocking tutorial. Part 1: JMock – Tamas Gyorfi

Each mock object behaves in the way expected by both the code under test and the tests that use it, so that all tests can pass. It’s reasonable to start small and work your way up. Even though tutorixl tutorial is fairly complete, it does not attempt to cover the entire published APIs in detail. There are 2 points I’m curious about: Finally, there is a small faking API aka the “Mockups” APIwhich can be used for the creation and application of fake implementations that avoid the full cost of external components.

Shruti July 25, at 1: It will throw an exception telling you that not all parameters were supplied in the form of matchers. To use them in a test suite, add the following to your pom.

Notify me of new posts via email. Therefore, the ability to isolate the code under test from certain parts of the system is generally useful in all kinds of tests. The third one can be achieved with a third-party API for sending e-mail, which in this example is Apache’s Commons Email library.