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4 Aug At the July meeting, Wes Kolkmeier spent some time with us discussing his large segmented turning projects. Wes is a retired carpenter of On Mon, 22 Feb , “Ed Pawlowski” It’s there Ed. There’s only three files posted at that time period. There are ten million free. I tried googling for Iturra and a few variations but could not find a listing for a website. I want to order a catalog so I can upgrade an older band.

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And waited, waited, waited How does he do it? I had given up. Roy Contact options for registered users.

Iturra Design Catalog PDF

Cheap moisture meter 5 replies. A real-life profile of current customers who use your products adds truth and character to the way you present your company and its products to the rest of your customers and prospects. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Save Edits Use Original Image. You should not be paying for this. If so, would your reader benefit by knowing these ways?


Mike M Contact options for registered users.

Laying Baize on a fedetral card table 5 replies. Open up a paypal or ebay store and watch the money roll in. Writing copy with energy and enthusiasm creates better and more effective copy than recyclying the same old marketing buzz-benefits everyone else uses in your business.

Choosing chisels 1 reply.

How Generous Information-Sharing Builds Your Content-Based Marketing Program

Of course, it catapog has information on any and every part you might need to replace on a bandsaw. If someone can get the stupid thing to me, I’ll get us all in the 00’s and post in on the web. After Dan left, I removed the saw from the base and carried all the pieces down to the basement and re-assembled it in the workshop.

Using hand tools only, how do you cut several boards to equal length cleanly without splinters or saw marks 5 replies. There’s only three files posted at that time period. Iturra can take a long time to get you a catalog. It’s a binary newsgroup.

Barrel others may chime in with better info. Try sorting by date and time. Cabinet grade plywood issue 1 reply. He cut the entire block of wood up into blanks, which left me with a few spares, should I ever need them.


He shrugged his shoulders, took the block, and went over to the tablesaw to cut some blocks to size. Kompooter litturcy aint zackly their strong point I spoze – which is why they still dont have a website, tho I’ve heard on other posts that they’re close to having something up and running. Skill level for Taunton Press printed plans. Boxes with hidden internal locks 20 replies. This is a family-run business, not geared very well for the amount of publicity they get, and the whole catalog thing seems to cause them problems.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The whole working-from-work-on-my-lunch-break bit is helpful, if somewhat limited. Lost two fingers in the woodshop.

Ed Pawlowski Contact options for registered users. Urethane over linseed oil 24 replies. I will throw all of catalkg meager business his way!! Backing fabric for rolltop desk? Email required Address never made public.