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This article is linked to by a disambiguation page. Please refer here for other uses of this title. Inkworld is a series of three fantasy novels written by German. The Inkworld Trilogy is a German YA novel series by Cornelia Funke. It consists of Tintenherz (Inkheart), Tintenblut (literally “Inkblood”, but translated as Inkspell. Discussion guide and lessons for Ink World Trilogy by Cornelia Funke, including Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath.

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Mo’s family is divided on whether to abandon the Inkworld for the safety of home, or to try to influence the outcome of the story. Write a letter from Meggie to her little brother about the differences between the Inkworld and home.

Dustfinger pretends to betray Mo, to earn the Piper’s trust, but really was leading the Adderhead on, in an elaborate plan with Bluejay and Violante.

This page was last edited on 7 Augustat What do we learn of Elinor’s character from the description of her home? How does Mortola reappear in this story? Art Produce a commercial or book trailer for the whole Inkheart trilogy.

Create a chart that traces the causes and effects of the major events in the story. Describe the events at the human nests.

Imagine having a gang of pirates as your babysitters or a librarian who can charm bloodthirsty bandits by reading aloud to them. Do you see her as the heroine of all three tales?

This particular book contains chapters focused on Inkworld trilogy, Inkworld books, and Inkworld characters. The last part of the book explains that Orpheus runs away to the cold mountains, Farid goes traveling as a fire-dancer, and Meggie stays with Doria.


A year has passed, but not a day goes by without Meggie thinking of Inkheartthe book whose characters came to life. Liza CharlesworthKelly Kennedy. Writing Review the quotes at the beginning of each chapter.

In the world of the dead, Mo meets Death herself, and Death bargains with Mo. Describe the character Death and the realm she rules. What dangers still lurk despite their location?

Standard domestic shipping service takes from days. Research the properties of mold and its effects on property and people’s health.

Quotes of Inkworld Trilogy by Cornelia Funke

Why does she move the Bluejay to her family’s castle? How does the Adderhead foil her plans? How do the robbers come to find them? In the end, did Funke leave any room for an additional title or not?

The three of them eventually leave to hide at Meggie’s great-aunt Elinor’s house in Northern Italy but end up being dragged off by Basta and his companions to the near village of Capricorn, because Dustfinger betrayed them as Capricorn promised him he would help him go back home. How is it proven to be true? What questions remain open? Why won’t Fenoglio stop him from changing his world? In the meanwhile, Farid and Dustfinger have snuck into the castle using soot that causes invisibility, created by a combination of fire and water.

Drama With a partner or in a small group, write a reader’s theater script for your favorite scene in the book. Resa expecting their second child and Meggie are conflicted about staying in the Inkworld with the violence and cursed rulers. When he finds a crooked storyteller to read him back he abandons his apprentice Farid and plunges into the pages.


When Meggie and Fenoglio are taken to Capricorn, why isn’t Fenoglio afraid? Do her actions ever surprise you?

Discussion Guide for the Ink World Trilogy | Scholastic

Roxanne, Dustfinger’s wife, realizes this and is furious at Farid for taking away her love, but is powerless to do anything. Retrieved from ” http: Is he justified in his vanity or not? What is it like for Elinor to experience adventure rather than read about it? What are its properties? When is blame worthless?

This guide was written and compiled by Tracie Vaughn Zimmera reading inkwlrld and award-winning children’s author.

Mold destroys the entire inkworkd at the Castle in the Lake. Inkworld is a series of three fantasy novels written by German author Cornelia Funke, comprising InkheartInkspellinkowrld Inkdeath Mo takes his place in death. Why did Fenoglio disappear at the end?

The Inkheart trilogy is a series of three fantasy novels written by German author Cornelia Funke, comprising InkheartInkspelland Inkdeath Resa is back, but she has become mute. Why is Mo commissioned to create a blank book? Is she rewarded for her treachery? Discuss ways in which certain characters control and overcome their fears.

Who is motivated by fear? Does she still derive pleasure from their company?