Posted on January 9, 2019


This tutorial walks through some basic image and layer manipulation techniques. Making a Circle-Shaped Image How to create a circular-shaped image. I wrote a brief 3 page review/tutorial on Gimpshop as a method of introducing it as a free/Free alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop a month ago. As we all do, I am. Tutorials Library | Gimpshop – The Free Photoshop AlternativeGimpshop.

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Get rid of this box here. And if you screw something up, tutoorials you can always hit the Reset button. Click on this box here to reverse it. Okay, you get the idea. Go over here to File and then Dialogs.

We can up this size a tuyorials bunch. We click on this to create a new layer. You can do the same thing with Zip. Some people call them a Zebra. It just tends to work a little bit better in some cases than the. Actually, there are so about five of them. I have used photoshop before and could use it reasonably. Now this bimpshop here just kinda go over a little bit of what else is involved with the Dialog Box and all the little cool things.


Again, something as far as the. Then that would be another one would be the.

It covers things like layers, shapes, lighting, beveling and embossing. Let me cancel this out real quick here. Go to that, bring up my clean canvass, and get my foot there. PSD where this allows you to save all the layers intact and the original uncompressed image. Otherwise, perhaps say something like untitled or unnamed. So you can adjust this.

Once you get registered, come on back and log-in then go to categories, come on down here to Resources, come on up to Application Resources, and Gimp Brushes. One of the benefits behind, say, the Gimp or Photoshop is the ability to work in layers.

This is what it used to look like with the white background and this is what it looks like now. Now at this point you wanna save this. Actually, that was pretty cool. It gives a lot of different options here. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Yeah, that will work. So you can kinda see here. We can see the options here. I mean, this is just one of the coolest tools of the Gimp in all. Just wanna bring that up. Tutorialss is our tutorialz donkey. Notify me tutotials new comments via email.


And gimpsohp can see right here the extensions, and here are the file types here, and just kinda go on through here.

You wanna go to the pixels. So we wanna get rid of these blemishes. Ideally, those with like transparencies. So you want to select them all by control key and A on my keyboard.

Undo this because I wanna make this guy a little bit bigger just for the sake of the video.

Click on that, come on down to Share, come on over to Gimp, and Brushes. The Copper Scroll Life, Liberty and the pursuit of … something. It takes less blending, more blending.

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Bring it over — File, Dialog, Brushes, Refresh. Gimpshpp that, change that, change this. All these little checkers here that tells you that this is basically no background.