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Faerûn Inhabitants • Locations • Organizations • Settlements • Roads • Mountains Bodies of water • Items • Food and drink • Events • Maps • Images • Pantheon. Deities of Faerûn. It is well known in Faerûn that those who die without a patron deity to send a servant to The first step is choosing your patron by Pantheon. Oct 6, Explore BOB Boyd’s board “Forgotten Realms Pantheon” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Dungeons and Dragons, Fantasy art and Fantasy.

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Created by Lord Aothe greater gods have a duty to preserve the balance between Chaos and Order. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Solar disk encircled by serpent. Collectively, the drow deities are known as the Dark Seldarine.

Most priests, however, see their deities as judging mortals only on deeds or on acts plus obvious intent rather faefun ultimate consequences. Obviously, there are literally hundreds of gods, so do I narrow it down by room?

List of Forgotten Realms deities – Wikipedia

Balder, god of beauty and poetry. The gods of Olympus make themselves known with the gentle lap of waves against the shores and the crash of the thunder among the cloud-enshrouded peaks. Crossed oak and mistletoe branches.


Races of the Dragon.

Basic Rules for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) – D&D Beyond

Poseidon, god of the sea and earthquakes. Collectively, the halfling deities are known as Yondalla’s Children.

Collectively, the gnome deities are known as the Lords of the Golden Hills. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Forgotten Realms Campaign Guidep. Caduceus winged staff and serpents. People in the Forgotten Realms, for example, might pray to Sune for luck in love, make an offering to Waukeen before heading to the market, and pray to appease Talos when pantheom severe storm blows in—all in the same day.

Book of Exalted Deeds. Circle of seven stars, or nine stars encircling a flowing red mist, or a single star. The eladrin paragons, collectively known as the Court of Stars, are the celestial embodiment of the chaotic good alignment.

Instead, each Zakharan deity exemplifies a single characteristic or trait.

Isis, goddess of fertility and magic. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.

faerun pantheon

Archived from the original on Dark Sun Dark Pantyeon Apollo, god of light, music, and healing. Once enemies, these two families are now closely allied against their common enemies, the giants including the gods Surtur and Thrym. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. Brigantia, goddess of rivers and livestock. Demeter, goddess of agriculture. Catalog for user-created maps. What if you leave an offering to multiple gods?


The nonhuman races of the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk share these deities. Image of the misshapen deity. Unlike other domains, planar domains each have an alignment requirement that must be met by a cleric who wants to access the domain. The Eastern Realms Box Set. Dionysus, god of mirth and wine. The Greek Pantheon The gods of Olympus make themselves known with the gentle lap of waves against the shores and the crash of the thunder among the cloud-enshrouded peaks.


Three lightning bolts radiating from a central point. Upright black right hand, thumb and fingers together.

The Daghdha, god of weather and crops. Deities in the Forgotten Realms can at times be slain, fade away from pantehon of worship, or have their power usurped by others. After being cast out of the Seldarine, Araushnee became the demon princess Lolth before reclaiming her divinity as leader of the Dark Seldarine.