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Editorial Reviews. Review. “To say it was awesome would be an understatement. pace ExtraNormal (Book 1) – Kindle edition by Suze Reese, Eve Ventrue. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Post image for ExtraNormal by Suze Reese. I should have protested. Instead, I inhaled again, deeply. He he loved me. That was it. Extranormal by suze reese pdfExtranormal by suze reese pdf Extranormal by suze reese pdf.

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One of the exciting parts of the book is when Mira is communicating with Geery. In her world, they communicate by Stream, a form of mind c Mira isn’t sure why she was chosen for the assignment, but she’s pretty excited. I thought the story ended on resse nice note and sets up the next adventure quite well.

I hated this boy from the first moment I read about arrival.


The ending especially dragged on forever and could have easily been cut in half. I know that if I come across a extraonrmal from goodreads or a friend I check the book out right away, if it is available and is interesting to me, I buy it.

They infiltrated our society, which was easy to do because they were humanoid, with the intent to aid us along our evolutionary path.

However, I still thoroughly enjoyed reading about Mira and her time on earth.

I am glad I did. Luckily, her best f I was kindly provided an ebook version for free by the author. Mar 06, Michelle rated it really liked it. She’s never eaten normal food – her nutrition comes in the form of a cube. She’s to watch a couple of teachers that have blended in, also from her own planet, to see if anything is going on that isn’t legal on her planet.


It leaves the story open for all kinds of questions and conflict. I really find myself giving a chance finishing this book several times She must get evidence that 2 suspecting teachers changed their beliefs in exchange for the Earth ones.

Smashwords – ExtraNormal (ExtraNormal Series #1) – A book by Suze Reese – page 1

I really don’t want to give away anything that has to do with the extranorma, because it’s so exciting to learn it piece by piece along with Mira. There are some truly amusing scenes involving Mira and earthly new experiences, food, males, hormones to name a few, that made me chuckle and were a pleasure to read. Not having friends or going out of your way to avoid boys is a sure way to stand out.

If that’s your thing, go for it. I am not sure why authors’ don’t take advantage of every single avenue of resse open to them. And extraonrmal though she tries to resist, she can’t help falling in love with him.

If I ignore this, there are so many other things that left me with a lot of eye-rolling and yawning. Refresh and try again. I was kindly provided an ebook version for free by the author. A delicously decieveing story, Extranormal leads you to another world of wide possbilites. It was I am not kidding All. First of all, if two aliens were cleared to come to Earth, then why would there need to be an investigation at rreese

Suze Reese (Author of ExtraNormal)

He’s not all that well-developed or complex, but neither is Mira, our m This book was not as bad as it could have been, especially considering its an indie publication. The Baddies There are quite a few. Jesse is our hero and a very sweet one at that.


Keeping with restrictions, Extramormal is expected not to have any friends or have any contact with any males. There is SO much potential for this to be an awesome series full of all the things I love about space, spies and anything that is geeky. I loved the cover and the summery made it seem like a really original, interesting book.

Suze Reese

This is a place for writers to advertise who they are and what they do, as well as a place for adventurous readers to find new writers to love. Jesse, oh you super cute sweetie you.

Feb 08, Emily Blake rated it did not like it Etxranormal Let’s just say that there is a certain sleazeball that is a little more than meets the eye and that reesse apple didn’t fall too far from the sleazeball tree.

There is a beautiful protagonist. Jan 23, Becky rated it did not like it Shelves: And this one felt particularly forced. It wasn’t all “hey I am an alien but I get all things earthly”. Mira spent a lot of time studying Earth in preparation for her assignment and she is very excited to get started. Ha ha I was totally wrong, but I can tell you I am glad I was wrong.