Posted on October 3, 2019


Web based groupware server written in PHP, forum at ware. org/ – EGroupware/egroupware. eGroupWare is a free enterprise ready groupware software for your network. It enables you to manage contacts, appointments, todos and many more for your. Benutzerhandbuch eGroupWare / EPL at – ISBN – ISBN – Softcover.

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It comes with a native web-interface which provides the ability to access your data from any platform with a web browser, both inside and outside the local network.

Personal tools English Log in. Please report all bugs, new feature requests and documentation issues there.


Packages for SME 8 are available, courtesy of Studio Sacchetti, with no support on bugzilla as sources are not available:. NET release is newer than version 1. Open your web browser at https: NETif necessary. To get success with synchronisation put thoses settings in.

Egroupware – SME Server

It has been integrated in smeserver-egroupware Login to eGroupWare with an admin account, and edit a user or a group and add gallery. Is this article helpful to you? Now you should create eGroupWare’s admin-account. Once Installed, you need to egroupdare your website and create the database. You can install it as one single package in a uandbuch comfortable way. A backup is done by the RPM before updating.


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Once the setup is done you can hsndbuch the icon in eGroupWare’s interface. Gallery gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you’re running a small personal site or a large community site. In the 5th step, you will be asked for MySQL informations.

Aucun paquet smeserver-dovecot-extras disponible. Install php5-cgi as explained in this howto http: RPM install has prepared egwuser egroupware and your DbPassword automatically. In the 4th step, you will be asked egrkupware a storage folder. Under Vista, you have to put your domain in the approved website list before being able to install the certificate.

The default behaviour of eGroupWare is: Just save and finish the install.

For more information see http: It enables you to manage contacts, appointments, todos and many more for your whole business. This step has been prepared by the RPM install. Funambol Web Site Download Funambol 6.


For security-reasons, change the passwords for the users config-admin and header-admin after your first login! Gallery is an open source web based photo album organizer.

Retrieved from ” https: The latest version egroupwaree smeserver-egroupware is available in the SME repository, click on the version number s for more information. This account will be able to use and administer eGroupWare. At this time, it supports more than 25 languages including rtl support. Egroupware is listed in the bugtracker contribs section.

The gallery can also be accessed with no authentication at https: For SME8 and eGroupware 1. First, login at Config setup with your handbucn creditentials and clic on Manage Applications. There is no need for a htaccess file htaccess could configure php4 because it’s an apache module but not php5-cgi.