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17 Sie Poradnik do gry „Drakensang: The Dark Eye” zawiera mapy kolejnych lokacji oraz opis wykonania zadań związanych z głównym wątkiem. 13 Jan I guess it is now impossible to play in the browser since last year (as far as I remember). To play the test server on the client, all you have to do. 12 Oct I would just like to know exactly what stats should be on what items when making a strong 2h dk build. Also any tips at all would be appreciated.

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Once the magician gets what he wants the lizard statue will come to life and attack the mage and his student.

He will tell you that the barrier will disappear once you kill the remaining witches. After the conversation Warina and a few soldiers will appear.

At the end of the conversation they will hand over the burial jewelry. You will see bloodstains and a kitty standing right beside them. Pass the third test The uncoded message is: You have to kill her and the rest of the Amazons. Loot crate From chapter five on: Open it and take the note containing the information on finding the thieves’ guild liaison in Ferdok.


Drakensang: The Dark Eye (Poradnik do gry) by Karol Wilczek on Apple Books

Witches’ meeting grounds Once you land a few blows he will transform into a mage you’ve previously encountered in Avestreu and Blood Mountains – Noldrokon 1. You will receive some kind draiensang “sober up” brew, for the dwarf. Tell her that you’ve been recruited by the Inquisition and that she has to die.

Haggle with him – getting what you need will cost you only 2 Ducats. Once you’ll kill her search her body to find a magic ring.

Tell her that you need to get to the ruins.

The next person on your way is elf called Ancoron. Tashman if you work for house Stoerrebrandt From chapter six on: He will ask you to find and eliminate the source of the plague. After completing this quest an ambush pogadnik await you in the mansion 9 Pporadnik, Danos’ girlfriend will sell you out as the supporter of the witches and you will be attack by a squad of Inquisition soldiers. You can give him either 1 Farthing, 1 Thaler or 1 Ducat.

help me how to play the test server | Drakensang Online EN

On your way you will encounter some orc squads. Ask him, how is he able to get in and out of the city.

The innkeeper wants you to get rid of them. The sorceress Malgorra 1is threatening Traldar, but when she sees you she will tell you to hand over the Dragon’s Eye. You will find there a toad by the name Knowall Dwarf Ragesh From chapter five on: When you’ll reach the spot however Salina will be gone – poradjik brother will be the only one around.


Drakensang: Phileasson’s Secret (Poradnik do gry)

Bribe the woodcutters Option 2: Poraenik taking it you will have to fight some harpies. World Map Important characters and locations: On your way to the ruins you will encounter the witches, who will hand you some very valuable presents, though what you get exactly depends on how much blood you’ve shed – the less, the better.

R Spores of Corruption. Grantel Meadowbolt and Barnabas Goodbeet 12 are arguing over an apple tree: Once someone gets these enchantments, the real fun begins in choosing the uniques.

Go there, killing a group of harpies as you go. He will give you a new quest: Notice, that the guard has moved away from the camp and sneak in. You won’t meet him there, however, but you’ll get a chance to talk to Mayor Dipwidge.