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The way in which he assimilated ancient thinking would later on influence the West, and especially the development of philosophy and logic. Conjoined ecclesiastic and political decisions – which imposed the schism and hence a relation of contradiction between the West and the East – presupposed a series of ingredients of political, economic, social, cultural and, obviously, doctrinal nature. More exactly, the verb ” recognise ” mimes the copulative function of ” is “, masking in this way an illogical state, i.

The East and the Destiny of Aristotelian Logic The Christian world of the East was not entirely cut off from ancient thought and Aristotle’s brilliant rationalist spirit although today it may seem so. In the East, philosophy was accepted only as servant of theology, and logic only as organoni.

What does Aristotle say? The study attempts to survey the way in which the rationalist spirit especially Aristotle’s philosophy was assimilated by Christian thinking in the patristic and scholastic periods. In this context, two aspects of Dionysius’ contribution need to be emphasised: Thus, for example, Monologion is conceived as a model of meditation on certain truths of faith, just as the subsequent Proslogion – based on unum argumentumor the ontological argumentation. Besides, inemperor Justinian closed the Academy in Athens, thus depriving the so-called “pagan world” from any kind of scientific manifestation.

Therefore, the five “paths” described in Dobmatica Theologica are a posteriori possibilities and are all based on the principle of causality and on empirical knowledge. In order to transcend multiplicity – e. Therefore, the differences between the Stanipoae West and the Christian East have neither logical nor theological consistency, but have been artificially generated by political, economic, and cultural elements.

We have here a triadic structure, i. Furthermore, Eastern culture has always had an atemporal dimension, and – as Traian Herseni puts it – rural Romania represented “a belated ethnographic society” untill the end of the 19 th century. This introduction is based on the stoical idea according to which dialectics is called upon only to defend philosophical conceptions and to contradict false ones”. Adamut, Xogmatica si Filozofie Crestina, vol.


But since our mind cannot conceive what God is, it remains unknown to us in what concerns us quand nos “.

The formula seems paradoxical if we do not make a clear distinction between faith and knowledge, or more exactly, if we do not understand the limits of the conjunction between man’s two possible relationships with God. Promotion of the dobmatica spirit and stimulation of research are premises for founding, in the 12 th and 13 th centuries, the universities of Bologna, Montpellier, Paris, Oxford, Salamanca, Cologne, Heidelberg, etc.

Dumitru-staniloae-dogmatica-vol-1 | Mircea Mihai Dorinel –

The difference between us and our Western peers is also highlighted by philosophical analysis. In the economy of this paper, my focus falls on the reception by Christians of Aristotle’s work and of the rationalist spirit that derives from his philosophy.

This reception had a powerful bearing on legitimising certain theoretical premises according to which the dogmagica moulding of the Christian world was accomplished along the centuries. Aristotle’s thinking can be discovered in Dogmatca Explanationsin the way in which he defines the attributes of God’s face that exist in man, or in the dialectics of the face-similitude relation.

Reciprocally, q enjoys the same logical status.

It is rational to believe in God. Christianity and the Resurrection of the Aristotelian Spirit The type of relationship with one’s peers described in the parable of the charitable Samaritan, presupposes – satniloae from spiritual-religious aid – the stanilose of a number of vital needs and interests among which those incessantly generated by culture and social practice. Or, Gregory Palama asserts plainly in the dispute the need for a mystical experience of God, for particular sciences are inefficient.

Why did God Turn into Man falls under the same category. Aristotle, rational philosophy, Christianity, patristics, the Orthodox world, dogma. For what is different from being does not exist, so that it necessarily follows, according to the argument of Parmenides, that all things that are are one and this is being.

Of great interest is his confession concerning the reading of certain of Plato’s books and the acknowledging of their beneficial influence.

Books by Dumitru Stăniloae

Angels “apprehend the truth of things directly and without resorting to reasoning”; conversely, humans get to stanilpae the intelligible truth only by reasoning. By using a metaphor, we can say that Thomas of Aquino Christianised Aristotle, or even that, by studying the work of Aristotle, Thomas became the master metaphysician of the Christian dogma.


Ross in The Works of Aristotle, Vol. We might summarise its leading idea as follows: Dumitru Staniloaie’s words are unequivocal: The author implies plainly the logical principle of non-contradiction when he says, “We can be certain that the gift of Jesus Christ – who did not come simultaneously as yes and no see Corinthians: These do not exist in the context given by the relations of identity for p and q cannot replace each other – they merely have the status of truths.

Hence, both Christian worlds are conceivable as non-contradictory. Thus, if the “formal infinite that is God, is known in itself but is unknown to us this is due to the weakness of our intellect, which in its present status has a natural capability to grasp only material things”, then “in our present status we can only know God through His material effects”. If the West and the East – as Christian worlds – have an ontological justification, then from a logical point of view p and q should describe them as possible worlds.

Therefore, it is our own duty to take action, just as it was the West’s duty at Yalta to show no mercy for our decades of aimless wanderings along an unconfirmed path of history. Peter Damiani, to take only a example, considered that philosophy is Satan’s invention. For example, we can write, 1 All those who are Christian recognise Apostle Peter as the stepping stone on which Christ built His Church, the first Pope of the Church of the entire world as such; consequently, all Popes have an apostolic legitimacy.

From the point of view of the organization of religious life, this division was officialised by the schism, by the Reform, and by other events. Aristotle, rational philosophy, Christianity, patristics, the Orthodox world, dogma Assoc. Thus, it becomes obvious that good cannot be the result of an incidental individual act, of a generous feeling or of pity; it can only come as a correlative of duty. In other words, science embraces as object of study something that transcends the multiplicity of things.