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This segment of Beyond Ontariese only whetted my appetite for more. The heat. The Outcasts is a spinoff series set in the Battle Born world. Many of the. Prequel to the Therian Heat series: In the time before recorded history, Jatara .

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Then Tal bursts into her life with all the subtlety of a thunder storm. This title will be released on January 4, Now fate has brought them back together cynxi he intends to take full advantage of the opportunity. Refresh and try again.

Outcasts – Cyndi Friberg

Much to my delight, the books sold and sold well. The information Arrista can provide He wants to tame her, control her, and leave her ach She has nothing to lose by trusting him and everything to gain.

Jatara yearns for the joining with the sexy and intriguing god. Drakkin tracks Aria to Earth, but quickl Though her powers are latent, Carissa has the potential of becoming the most powerful Therian the world has ever seen. This is a vampire novel, be aware Battle Born – 9.


Desperate to escape the suppression collar that has robbed him of his Mystic abilities, Nazerel kidnaps Morgan, director of the human taskforce helping the Mystic Militia.

One by one his brothers and friends have cyhdi found their mates, but he has stayed focused on the rebellion, determined to win freedom for the battle born. But Devon stirs friebrg instincts and awakens ravenous longings he has suppressed for centuries. Challenged by her intelligence and fascinated by her spirit, he is instantly attracted to the feisty scientist. Dec 17, For the last few weeks she has had gruesome nightmares about an incubus who hurts and violates her beyond imagination.

Letos wants her with an all-consuming passion, yet he senses deceit, and one wrong move at this xyndi could reignite the fires of war. Book Fourteen … Continued.

Beyond Ontariese

Beyond Ontariese – 5. Cyndi Friberg made a comment on Free Book!

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. General Garin Nox swears fribberg has no time for a female. Ready for some sizzling summer fun?


More eTailers for Tracker. Heretic Contemporary Romance Apr Restless and embittered by an abusive past, Arton the Heretic finds himself in a battle of wills with Lily, a gorgeous geneticist. Thanks to Mary and Dar for all you do. But first he must find her.

About me – Cyndi Friberg

I’ve created a lot of sexy heros, but Gideon is still one of my favorites. Drex is determined to fribergg to Jenna that he is different. Enforcer Contemporary Romance Mar Battle Born – 11 Alyssa, a reluctant spy and hacker, comes fribreg Lunar Nine hoping to disrupt their computerized systems and slow down the mysterious transformation program. His search seems futile until he encounters Sara and a feisty battle cat cub. Needing a tangible link to the realm of her birth, Alexa takes with her water from the rivers her parents guard and b