Posted on January 3, 2019


2 Mar As a Club Mahindra member, you’ll find that holidaying with your family becomes a habit. That’s why, we offer you 7N/8D of free stay every year. 15 Oct Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. 17 Oct Upon enrollment to the membership of Club Mahindra Holidays, we have advertisement including corporate advertisement, brochure etc.

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I have recording of one of such sales pitch from Ashish Jaynagar Bangalore branch. With a Club Mahindra membership, you can holiday not just with your own family, but also with extended families and your entire gang of friends. Atleast through this, it might be possible that any of brochuee MDs or authorised persons might give some clarifications on doubts like compensationnon-availability of rooms etc. Wonder if anybody thought out this way or if there is any major flaw in my thought process.

All of a sudden I could see the change in his attitude. He asked me if I brovhure received any autoresponse emails for the mails that I was claiming I sent. Since this article gives negative verdict, it might mean loosing advertisement revenue, hence papers may not publish it. Thanks for sharing your experience on Country Club. Yes, when lakhs of rupees are involved, the risk profile needs to be very low and there has to be a foolproof mechanism to see that everyone get the minimum promissed service.


He presented everything in a very decent and systematic way. Rajiv, I assume you paid only one EMI or some initial payment and not the whole amount.

Digital Brochures | Holiday Club Resorts

I do not blame them, but there are ways in getting around to get this to work in your favor. Finally this is where I stand, I created a new account in rediffmail and sent couple of mails. It is impossible to use free holidays Special offerair tickets and Gift coupons Free holidays as assured by them.

Again big noise and letter writing to CM Chennai office did the trick. Now let me tell you one thing you are not selling something which is costing Rs. Depending on the season you choose to holiday and the size of accommodation, the Club Mahindra membership cost ranges between Rs.

I agree completely with all the points. The receptionist there said rooms were indeed available. If I could use 2 weeks of RCI holidays abroad, would get half of my money back. I realized shortly how I am fooled. So u dont get the accomodation and the person who is not the member gets the accomodation.

I have not used any of there facility, air tickets, not a single day holiday‚Ķ. Do not expect to make huge savings by buying timeshare. But they just don’t reply for my requests in email.

Funny I thought it was when I got a reply after about 10 days; and interesting I thought when my original mail was dated to have reached Club Mahindra on the 14th of Sep. Sk, I am not sure which type of membership you’ve opted and what brochurr you EMI.


But at Club Mahindra Resorts my kids never go out – because they have so much to do within the resorts itself.

The only hope is that I am alone in all of this. This is an interesting blog with views from CM members. Thanks for sharing your experience and agreeing. They try sell those packages also those customers. For Refund, they would not refund you anything at any cost. Anyway, thanks a lot for opening my eys. Cpub they are striving to do better and breaking their backs trying their best to ensure the best for their customers.

Anyway all the best. Whereas commercial websites will have a business motive and will always try to create a good picture by writing only positive stuff. Blogging and business analysis is what I enjoy doing and this review is an outcome of that.

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There are many things which they tell to customers, are totally false. Lavkesh, try your luck at that free accomodation. Playa Amadores With an enviable location just 10 meters from the magnificent Amadores beach, this stylish resort is a paradise for sun worshippers and beach lovers. I was cheated by this company which also is a breach mshindra condition of the contract.

CM used list their affliate properties as their own.