Posted on December 26, 2018

BS11000 PDF

This article provides practical advice and guidance for anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of BS with a view to obtaining certification. BS – published by BSI in association with the Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) – the World’s first national standard for Collaborative Business. 14 Jun British Standard BS Collaborative Business Relationships, is the first standard of its type in the world to formalise how organisations.

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It also requires collaboration risks and opportunities to be fully integrated into its corporate planning and resourcing. Collaboration and Combating Bias. This approach has 8 stages namely:. In the UK construction industry post the Latham Reportpartnering and the PPC contract attempted to introduce this philosophy, but it often fell short of generating the promised benefits.

BS11000 Collaborative business relationships

In order continuously to achieve performance goals it is crucial to establish a programme that works to maintain a sustainable relationship through ongoing joint management. The New Business Discipline. We can certify taking a staged approach which is usually most appropriate if the scope covers one specific relationship.

This must be demonstrably aligned with the vision, values and objectives of the business. What would be the impact of withdrawing from collaboration? Download Our Free Guide Find out how you can win more business and drive down your costs – contact us now to book your free consultation with one of our Senior Directors.


The MOD are now actively encouraging partnership frameworks between supplying companies ignoring the fact that they need it more than anyone else.

Main author Invennt Engineer. The aspects that are necessary to satisfy compliance with the standard are:. There are more applications and in the course of time there will be ways of enhancing the basic BS framework.

BS Collaborative business relationships – Designing Buildings Wiki

Maintenance is the process of ensuring that buildings retain a good appearance and operate at optimum efficiency. The specification is designed to be applicable to organisations of any size or structure.

Collaborative Insight April Newsletter Register Sign in. Once internal support is secured, organisation need to test the value of collaborative working by ensuring bs1000 strategic business objectives are identified and the potential value of collaboration is defined, as well as considering any associated potential risk. Les Pyle Profile Page.

Story ‘Do It Right’ and gain BS11000 Certification

Experience suggests that relationships will tend to plateau over time if not driven to maintain continual improvement and very importantly joint innovation. Appropriate corporate governance policies and procedures are also needed, along with processes b11000 assess the competencies bd11000 behaviours required to support a collaborative approach. For example, one objective may be long-term secured workbut this could encompass secured turnoverprofitability or the need to provide a platform to recruit or invest in staff development or even specific researchor process refinement.


Annual House of Lords Reception. News Events Case studies.

Stage 1 is the process of moving from aspiration into action. Revised BS Part 2.

Key Performance | ISO/BS collaborative business partnerships

A knowledge map will help track bs11000 to be shared and process needs, identifying what information is shared or withheld with which parties or individuals. ICW has recognised that adoption and implementation of a collaborative relationship standard breaks new ground in terms of management systems and in particular internal auditing approaches.

Annual Collaborative Working Reception. Phase 3 — Managing and maintaining the relationship and ending it on good terms:. Collaborative Working in Utilities. LRQA is unique amongst our peers, in that we can undertake a BS certification assessment against any scope of activities appropriate to the organisation, which means that it does not need to be limited to a single relationship or project.

ICW Collaboration Awards. Whilst it may be appropriate to cease activity, it is important to understand how this is presented and interpreted will influence the way each party proactively approaches disengagement.

Collaborative Working in Energy.