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THEY ARE THE ONE PERCENT. In Wyoming, a little girl reads people’s darkest secrets by the way they fold their arms. In New York, a man sensing patterns in. Written In Fire The Conclusion to the bestselling. Brilliance Trilogy. ON SALE NOW! logo-amazon logo-barnes-noble indieBoundx51p. Brilliance by Marcus Sakey. Brilliance book cover. logo Amazon. com logo. Rating / A thoroughly enjoyable book that explored the problems .

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It is full of twists and turns, some of which you see coming, others that genuinely took me by surprise.

Home – Marcus Sakey

The conceit of the novel is excellent, too — in this version of the world, a small but growing population of the world has been born “brilliant,” blessed with preternatural pattern recognition or somesuch thing, and the world is on fire with the shock and revolution of it. Senator and mercilessly gunning down 73 other men, women and children. Cooper is himself a Brilliant, with a special talent for tracking down terrorists.

Lists with This Book. Surveillance video of the attack went viral, and the American public, stirred by the media, demanded revenge.

View all 13 comments. Marcus lives in Chicago with his wife and dau Marcus Sakey is the bestselling author of nine novels, including the Brilliance Trilogy, which has sold more than a million copies. But we are brlliance outnumbered.


I would also venture to say that fans of Larry Correia would enjoy this as it does explore some libertarian ideas and explores the meanings of freedom. The plot was cookie-cutter predictable, and the premise on which the plot hinged fairly inane.

Book review: ‘Brilliance’ by Marcus Sakey

They fear for their families, they want to protect their countries and they realise that never is anything but black and white. There are also bits of mass entertainment worked in between chapters, some of which will raise a smile, like the best seller that depicts all the problems the world would have suffered if there were no abnorms.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A decent thriller with the usual lies, deceit and drama that you would expect. There are those that are wary of abnorms, but not to that extent.


Still, the abnorms in ‘Brilliance’ are unique because their abilities are generally associated with mental superiority rather than the ability to fly, become invisible, shoot lightning out of their marcsu, etc. It’s saksy bit slow in the first third, but I trust that my glowing recommendation will make you overlook that.

Some brilliants – who abhor these policies – become terrorists. The last time i was this disappointed in a book was ‘The Atlantis Gene’.

The treatment meted out to non-troublesome brilliants has the feel of discrimination and segregation apparent from our own recent history. To subdue people’s anxiety, the United States government develops new programs to deal with abnorms.


He has to save the world AND his family from the clutches of evil. The book is marcux cinematic, I fully expect to see it as Season One of a hit show. Works written by other authors but set in the Brilliance continuity include Twist by Kevin J. The others took me by surprise, then made absolute sense, and jacked up the stakes satisfyingly.

This is the environment in which Cooper and the Equitable Services must work. Brilliance is Book 1 of the Brilliance Saga trilogy. Zenn Scarlett Christian Schoon 9. I didn’t feel as rbilliance the author was preaching or trying to indoctrinate the reader. As well as an ability to entertain — and it does entertain — the book poses some interesting philosophical and moral questions.

Marcus Sakey – Wikipedia

I’ve read Sakey’s previous books and have been impressed by his writing ability, but nothing prepared me for the sheer, well, brilliance of Brilliance. The premise here isn’t very gripping or believable.

Called abnorms, twists, brilliants, they are depicted as a danger, and the story opens with Nick Cooper who prefers to be called by his last name hunting one down, with license to kill.

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