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Fill Aphis Form , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. There is a USDA endorsement fee per certificate for cats and dogs. Contact the USDA-APHIS for the current cost of the endorsement of the APHIS form. 19 Mar “The APHIS Form will no longer be accepted by the Department due to the free access to the public for download off the internet without.

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But I am not confident in how to prepare the fkrm for their exporting at JFK airport. This must be done within a certain time frame before your travel date—check the pet import requirements for the country to which you’re moving as well as the requirements of the airline you are flying with to determine when you will need to have the health certificate issued.

One of her apbis obtains a U. Send us feedback about this article.

I just downloaded the APHIS form and should it be the vet who issues the health certificate to fill out the form? Learn more about all the services we provide. CatsDogs Country: Make sure all dates are written correctly we recommend formatting to DD MON YYYY to be clearmicrochip numbers match up to microchip paperwork, your pet’s age on the matches what’s on their vaccination records you wouldn’t believe how often this is incorrect!

We strive to provide complete care for our patients. I travel back and forth to the US every few months and always bring my dog with me. Procedures include any surgery, sedated x-rays, dentals, etc. Our patient forms are available online so they can be completed in the convenience of your own home or office. Brian Joseph sent a letter to his counterparts in every other state. I have a quick question I was hoping you could help me with.

We cannot stress this enough. She had her vet issued a vaccination certificate and an international health certificate, but she didn’t need a stamp from the USDA Most vets know offhand whether or not they have this accreditation, but if there is any uncertainty, the nearest USDA Veterinary Services office can double check accreditation statuses for you and your vet.


The Boarding Form is for pets that will be staying with us for more than a day.

Rules vary from country to country, so we advise that you find an official source and do what they suggest — the USDA site is a good one, as is the Ministry of Agriculture for the country to which you’re traveling. Instant Download Surgical Form The Surgical Form must be completed before a pet undergoes any procedure that requires anesthesia.

Hi Yukihiko, One of our relocation consultants would be happy to provide you more information on what you’ll need to do, including estimated costs. The state and regional Veterinary Services offices oversee all of the export documents for pets departing from the US and ensure that the veterinarians issuing the documents, including theare accredited and filling out accurate information.

I’m a dog trainer currently living in Buenos Aires, where I moved to do rescue work.

Click here to view the rorm article. Click here to login Travel health certificates for small animals in flux States increasingly reject most common form due to fraud concerns.

Typical procedures include X-Rays, Hospitalization, etc.

Can you give me some advice for documentation and what to do? But my question is this: You don’t want this apgis happen because then your pet can’t depart on time! Rod Hall, Oklahoma state veterinarian. Even in the 23 states that technically accept the forms, many state veterinarians discourage their use and encourage veterinarians to embrace more secure alternatives.

After years of doing it in the US, you realize there is a bigger need here. I love all the good work you and PetRelocation. Whether you have a new pet that you recently welcomed to the family, or if you are a first time patient, please download and print the following form for your first visit.

A few states are outliers.

The APHIS Vet Health Certificate (Form 7001) for International Pet Transport

Livestock is a whole other category. Whether you have a new pet that you recently welcomed to the family, or if you are a first time client, we have a few forms available for download that can speed up your first-time wait at our clinic. When in doubt, or if your health certificate starts to become too messy or illegible, start over aaphis a new health certificate.


Would you like to switch to the accessible version of this site? Do I need any other “passport”, etc to travel from the US to Germany? Email is required and must be in the format fom domain. Accessibility View Close toolbar. And my wife and my daughter will also come back to Japan on June 2 with two dogs.

Based on incorrect information from the state, an earlier version of this article reported New Jersey as among those that do not accept the form.

The APHIS Vet Health Certificate (Form ) for International Pet Transport | PetRelocation

Formm argue that aaphis are a better option: APHIS stopped printing the multi-page forms inalthough they are still in circulation.

Schedule an appointment today! The embassy says they need the Aphis form 3weeks before we travel but the local vets keep saying the health certificate has to be done within 10 days if flying. Normally, I leave for BA from LA and get the paperwork just a few days in advance because I’ve been under the impression of a 10 day window existing. New Client Form Whether you have a new pet that you recently welcomed to the family, or if you are a first time patient, please download and print the following form for your first visit.

That apphis was repeated by many state veterinarians.

Online Forms

But during a review of its rules and regulations last year, North Carolina determined it did not have the authority under state statutes to require health certificates for domestic dogs, cats and ferrets coming into the state nor the authority to provide CVIs to in-state veterinarians for small animals traveling elsewhere in the country. In January, Washington state veterinarian Aphiz.

The Surgical Form must be completed before a pet undergoes any procedure that requires anesthesia. The USDA Veterinary Services offices do not need to see pets to issue health certificates—they only look at the paperwork after it has been completed. How do you dispose of unused pharmaceuticals? Go to accessible site Close modal window.