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“Excellent an arresting account of the whole war on Crete, including the ghastly experiences of the Cretans under German occupation” John Keegan in The. The bestselling author of The Battle of Arnhem and D-Day vividly reconstructs the epic WWII struggle for Crete – reissued with a new introduction. Crete has ratings and 65 reviews. Czarny said: This is a very good book and one that is great pleasure to read. It is not however a masterpiece on th.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. What I find admirable is the stoical resistance of the Cretan forces during the years under German occupation and their steadfast support of British S. Incredibly well-researched, and the opening chapters on the battle itself are compelling. France, Denmark, Norway and the Low Countries creet all under occupation after a series of lightning military campaigns.

Crete: The Battle and the Resistance

Using a wealth of primary materials from both British and German archives, Leo McKinstry provides a ground-breaking new assessment of the six fateful months in mid, beginning with Winston Churchill’s accession to power in May and culminating in Germany’s abandonment of Operation Sealion.

And in Cretes case it was disaster for Britisch and victory for Germany soldiers. The first part is Operation Marita, the invasion of Greece by German and Italian forces and the subsequent evacuation of the Allied forces to Crete.

Keep me logged in on this computer. Much of this text felt like the author had a collection of notes on index cards that he put in order and edited into a book.

A new biography of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, shaped and structured around the story he himself tells in his most famous poem, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. Probably no Though I have shelved it in War, antonh is not really a War book.


You will enjoy the book if you don’t get too obsessed with keeping the cast of characters straight. Once an airfield was captured the German pulled a logistical miracle landing enough troops quickly enough to secure victory. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Open Preview See a Problem? I’m a confirmed Antony Beevor fan so, reading this book, whilst visiting Crete, seemed besvor a logical next step.

Create An Account Why Join? Beegor book is divided into three parts. But while the rich and educated argue about politics, in the dank wynds of the docks it’s a struggle just to stay alive.

There is a very large cast of characters.

Bsevor is the continuation of his heart-rending, darkly comic story. That the Commonwealth troops, along with their Greek and Cretan allies, fought extremely bravely, both during the battle for Crete and during the post defeat resistance is never in doubt. The Germans got a foothold there and a counterattack was not launched properly by the New Zealanders, though the New Zealanders fought magnificently. But the Germans themselves recognised what a disaster it was.

Mr Beevor was critical of the command performance on both sides but was particularly critical of Freyberg and Hargest whose sporadic poor judgment cost the lives of many soldiers. This book overturns previous interpretations of the battle by showing how he misread an Ultra signal at the crucial moment with disastrous consequences.

Among the many prestigious posts he holds, he is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. She had to turn in to try and beach on Crete. I think the book could really benefit from more material abtony the German leadership point of view. Please try again later.


Crete > Antony Beevor >

Dec 09, Matt rated it liked it. It should have been the first German defeat of the war, but a fatal misunderstanding turned the battle round. This vast canvas of human bravado reveals ‘the longest day’ as never before – less as a masterpiece of strategic planning than a day on which thousands of scared young men found themselves staring death in the face. The story behind landing enough troops quickly enough to secure the victory is incredible but only told from the observer point of view.

Acclaimed historian and best-selling author Antony Beevor vividly brings to life the epic struggles that took place in Second World War Crete – reissued with a new introduction. The Hereward was hit first. Niet ingeschakeld Word Wise: The author provides 20 photos and 7 maps which were helpful. There are many tales of “derring-do” involving British toffs and scholars, which were undoubtedly of very little military significance, but because many of those involved were writers, achieved more post-war coverage than they truly deserved.

Yet the image of a sophisticated woman hid a romantic innocence which clouded her emotional judgement. True airborne troops had contributed to invasions but never been the soul or primary force. He tells great history in a very acceable way, and this is no exception. Hitler’s Last Gamble English Edition.