Posted on February 28, 2019


In this article we will present three non-surgical treatment options for chronic ankle pain. Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Rich Plasma Therapy, and Stem Cell. In this retrospective observational study of chronic unresolved ankle pain, Hackett-Hemwall dextrose prolotherapy helped promote a. The ankle is the joint where the human foot and leg meet, consisting of a complex network of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. The ankle is strong.

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J of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Randomized, prospective, placebo-controlled prolltherapy study of dextrose prolotherapy for osteoarthritic thumb and finger joints: Lyftogt [ 30 ], Lyftogt [ 31 ] and Ryan et al.

The Hackett-Hemwall technique of prolotherapy was used to treat each ankle. There are two primary joints at the ankle: Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc.

The foot and ankle are very complex structures with many more ligaments and tendons and joints than we have covered in this article.

AB edited the manuscripts. Improvement in VAS1, VAS2 and VAS3; satisfaction rating, as well as sonographic measurements snkle tendon thickness, size of hypoechoic region and intratendinous tear size.

Ankle and Foot Treatment with Prolotherapy – Journal of Prolotherapy

In addition to ankle sprains and related injuries, ankle pain may also be caused by arthritis, gout, pseudogout or infection. My ankle hurt A LOT immediately! Treatment consisted of injecting a dextrose solution at specific ankle sites to stimulate healing of ligaments, tendons and joints.

Outcome measures including the Foot Function Index FFI and VAS pain were recorded at baseline and the final treatment consultation, with a follow-up telephone interview conducted a mean of SPSS software version No adverse events following prolotherapy injections were reported in any study in this review.


Footnotes Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Results of the analysis provide limited support for the hypothesis that prolotherapy is effective in both reducing prolitherapy and improving function for lower limb tendinopathy and fasciopathy, with no study reporting a mean negative or non-significant outcome following prolotherapy injection. Adverse events Lyftogt [ 30 ], Lyftogt [ 31 ] and Ryan et al.

Titles and abstracts were screened initially and those found to be irrelevant were excluded prior to screening full-text manuscripts. Studies were also ranked by quality of allocation concealment Cochrane score A, B, or C. The offending spots are very tender to palpation and in many cases there is a tender swelling mid-tendon not merely at the teno-osseous junction.

SMD calculations of the results reported by Topol et al. The average patient was taking 1. Approximately 3 to 5cc of Prolotherapy solution are injected here using a 25G 2-inch needle.

Dextrose Prolotherapy Injections for Chronic Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can range from mild aching to more severe sudden pain that includes swelling and inflammation and inability to bear weight. Place a double paper towel under the foot. Five studies were included in the Achilles tendinopathy section, two studies in the plantar fasciopathy section and one study in the Osgood-Schlatter Disease section of the review. Compared with eccentric loading exercises, reductions in stiffness and limitation of activity occurred earlier with combined treatment.


An in situ study of the influence of a sclerosing solution in rabbit medial collateral ligaments and its junction strength. Pain SMD calculations ankld the results reported by Topol et al. Following the review of titles and abstracts, 26 studies were extracted for full review and finally, 8 studies were considered appropriate for inclusion Additional file 1. The Cochrane library was searched initially to ensure no systematic prolothwrapy had previously been conducted on this topic.

Introduction Lower-limb pain has been identified as a risk factor for locomotor disability, impaired balance, increased risk of falling and reduced health-related quality of life [ 1 ]. Therapeutic Laser in the Treatment of Herpes Zoster. Hyperosmolar dextrose injection for recalcitrant Osgood-Schlatter disease. After six treatments and two and a half months I returned to my beloved volleyball without pain or swelling!

Lyftogt [ 31 ]. Conclusions This systematic review identified eight studies that reported on the effectiveness of prolotherapy for treatment of lower-limb tendinopathies and fasciopathies and found that there is limited evidence to support prolotherapy for the treatment of these pathologies.

The ankle is made up of:.

The orange lines represent the attachment of the patellar tendon from the patella to the tuberosity or its fragments. The lateral ligament complex is all too easily sprained. This systematic review has prologherapy limitations.