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Buy Eleanor Of Aquitaine: By the Wrath of God, Queen of England by Alison Weir (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine was one of the leading personalities of the Middle By careful research, Alison Weir has produced a vivid biography with a fresh. “The extraordinary life of Eleanor of Aquitaine is brilliantly recreated by Alison Weir in her winning biography.” (The Good Book Guide) “As delicately textured as.

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But Becket did not always get away with his defiance.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life

I’ve always had an interest in the characters from the past. Eleanor was an accomplished figure for her time and outlived husbands, children 8 in all and many others, dying at the ripe age at of He and Eleanor are now King and Queen of France. For him, this was a terrible betrayal on the part of his wife.

She ruled England and France! Throughout this scene, a religious chant can be heard faintly in the background. No contemporary biography of Eleanor exists, so this project was basically a piece of detective work, weaving together a myriad number of small fragments of information into a cohesive whole. Her probable affairs and intrigues with other men led to an estrangement from her husband.

Her marriage to Henry II saw the establishment of a great Plantagenet empire, but their early passion gave way to a stormy and tempestuous relationship. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

Which could be accounted misogyny, though I can equally understand it being more shocking if your soulmate turns against you than when the kids have a tantrum, even if it does happen to be an armed tantrum in alliance with Scotland and France.

wier When he returns to our shores he will go into rehearsal with Jasper Britton, who will portray Henrv II, and award-winning director John Caird, who will stage the searing tale of friendship and betrayal at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

I re-read the introducti I read this book in hardcover when it first came out before giving it to a friend sorry Amy. Weir’s other strong woman is Elizabeth I.

I found it interesting how this family spends Christmas or Easter together Inshe travelled to Spain to fetch a bride for Richard, and escorted her to Sicily to meet her bridegroom. Eleanor was also zealous to see justice done.

Will you work your way through the Plantagenets? I would take issue as to whether Richard really was a homosexual, yet given the prevailing view of scholars at the time the play was written, this is a legitimate portrayal. Page after page brings a litany of names of characters that are incidental to Eleanor, and unfamiliar to me. There were large passages that simply lost my attention, which I might have had an easier time with if I were reading it in print.


She lived until the age of 82! Firstly, there is very little of this kind of fiction about nowadays; I was told recently it was a very unfashionable genre when I tried to publish a novel about Lady Jane Grey.

A few months later, tragically for posterity, the old palace was largely reduced to ruins during a twenty-day siege by Roundhead forces. After her death init passed to King Henry VI, who visited a dozen times over the next twenty years, sometimes staying as long as six weeks. Abelard was then thirty-six. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

InHenry II gave Woodstock its royal charter and established a market in the town. I selected this book as a biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine, it is almost pages, so I expected to learn a lot about the fascinating life of this famous queen.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life – Alison Weir – Google Books

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Many are intrigued to discover how I researched the book, and several of those who attended my events raised controversial wekr, such as Eleanor’s extra-marital affairs or Richard I’s sexual inclinations. And there are echoes of the rest of the myth in his inner circle: Whole chapters Alison Weir’s biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine is thorough and well-researched, from birth to death.

I have submitted about a dozen ideas to my agent, and I’m bursting to write them all! The Winterslow entry on the County Council website says: But Weir does a good job of touching base with the reader and saying basically the historical record does not show where Eleanor was at this time or what she was doing, but we can surmise Pious French monarch Louis VII was really not the best first husband for someone brought up in a troubadour-infused court, descended from a notorious libertine.

Considering the sparsity of surviving evidence available to the historians of today, it is understandable that solid conclusions are difficult to draw. Eleanor of Aquitaine lived a long life of many contrasts, of splendor and desolation, power and peril, and in this stunning narrative, Weir captures the woman– and the queen–in all her glory. She was formidable too. This leads on from my previous answer. This one was not as easy for me to get through as The Princes in the Tower, but I still enjoyed it.


Taking her very favourite son, Richard, with her, Eleanor rules wisely and well over her vassals but Henry’s decision to carve his empire between his surviving boys – Henry, Richard, Geoffrey and John – will be one of the worst decisions he’s ever made and the frequent dickering over entitlements will turn them and their mother against him, prompting many rebellions and uprisings and causing the boys to constantly run off to Louis and his successor, Philip, causing far more trouble than he’d ever got off France alone.

In summary, this is a wonderful book to grab a cup of hot tea and curl up with during long winter nights. Likewise, we might know that Sir Thomas More burned heretics and used scatological terms against his enemies, but we can still delight in Paul Schofield’s portrayal of his as a gentle man.

A Life Alison Weir Snippet view – LOUIS follows humbly behind them. History is about people and that’s what’s being ignored. Her falling out with her husbands is riveting—including her having been under, essentially, house arrest by Henry II for over a decade. The nuns of Fontevrault extol the “brilliance” of the “royal progeny” with which she “illuminated the world”.

However, Eleanor’s life was sexy and interesting enough on its own. If you haven’t seen these films, see them now! A Life I was able to sate my eagerness to know what kind of life this woman, that was the Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right and Queen of both France and England, lived.

Yet after they all bar John revolt against their father, they’re largely pardoned – youthful high spirits, I shouldn’t wonder — whereas their accomplice Eleanor remains a prisoner for aliosn decade. Louis protests, and they argue again. It is now well known that the couple are estranged.