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context source (HKRMS) Tseng, C.K., Chang, C. F., Xia, E. Z. & Xia, B. M. (). Studies on some marine red algae from Hong Kong. In: Proceedings of the first. F. acanthophorus is a later name for Fucus spicifera Vahl () and the combination Acanthophora spicifera was established by Børgesen in. Acanthophora spicifera (Vahl) Borgesen (Download Help) Acanthophora spicifera TSN Genus, Acanthophora J. V. F. Lamouroux. Species.

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Common Seaweeds of China. Distribution and reproductive characteristics of nonindigenous and invasive marine algae in the Hawaiian Islands. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that sicifera are using. Fine hairs on the branches trap sediments, which, in areas with high sedimentation, can be detrimental to water quality.

Details of Acanthophora spicifera in information. Huisman, ; Huisman and Borowitzka, A synopsis of the marine algae of Brazil. Effects of wave exposure on the community structure of a plant-dominated, fringing-reef platform: Agardh Weber-van Bosse Acanthophora spiciferavar. This article incorporates public domain text from the reference. Well established epicifera all islands: Atoll Research Bulletion, This paper discusses the interactions between A.


Sohrabipour J; Rabii R, Effects of herbivory, nutrient levels, and introduced algae on the distribution of the invasive macroalga Dictyosphaeria cavernosa in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. This paper reports on the utilisation of the invasive algaes A. It is an alien invasive species in Hawaii. Reef fishes and green turtles Chelonia mydas are known to consume A. Anticancer Drugs from Marine Flora: Eradication Of the invasive macroalgal species introduced to Hawaii, A.

STRI Data Portal – Acanthophora spicifera

Apices are pyramidal, with incurved trichoblasts. Recently identified on Hawaii Island. Informations on Acanthophora spicifera has been recorded for the following locations. This fact sheet provides basic detail about A. Australian Systematic Botany, 6: Seaweeds of the southeastern United States.

Fouling on vessels is considered to be the vector for both the initial introduction of A. Acantbophora variations in tissue nitrogen and phosphorous of eight macroalgae from a tropical hypersaline coastal environment.

Prickly Seaweed has a nearly continuous distribution in all the tropical and subtropical seas of the world.

Acanthophora spicifera (Vahl) Børgesen – Invasive Algae Database

The relative success of both species is considered to be heavily dependent on apicifera duration and types of habitat disturbance and the ability of each species to maintain space during competition, reproduction, and vegetative growth Smithsonian Marine Station, Seven species of Acanthophora are recognized: Agardh Chondria acanthophora C. See Terms of Use for details. Bulletin of the Biological Society of Washington, 9: Marine algae of the Solomon Islands.


Doty, ; Lobban and Tsuda, The success of Acanthophora spicifera in invading benthic habitats is attributed to: Found on all substrates from reef to mudflats on all islands. Seaweeds of Indian Coast.

It is acanthophors and powdered for medical use. Agardh Cystoseira acanthophora J. A taxonomic, phylogenetic and biogeographic study of the genus Acanthophora Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta.

Acanthophora spicifera

The marine algae and coastal environment of tropical West Africa Second Edition. Lista de las macroalgas marinas Cubanas Revista de Investigaciones Marinas, Marine algae of South Vietnam.

Type information Type locality: Sithranga Boopathy N; Kathiresan K,